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SMART Coaching: Specialized Movement and Race Training. One of the most enticing elements about endurance sports is that they are accessible to everyone. Anyone can train themselves to run in a race, participate in a triathlon, or ride a bike. With training on your own comes room for error. A lot of room for error. 

As a physical therapist at a clinic that specializes in the treatment of endurance athletes, I see patients every day who come in due to various reasons: injuries due to overtraining, acute inflammatory injuries due to being underprepared for athletic activity, and biomechanical movement issues due to training with incorrect form. While some of these athletes are self trained, many are not. SMART coaching will help eliminate the error.

With my background as a physical therapist, a strength and conditioning coach, a movement specialist and an endurance athlete, I have the education, training and experience to coach an athlete to reach their full potential while significantly reducing the risk of injury. By conducting a complete swim, bike, run, and movement analysis, I will create an entirely individualized training plan based o the results of the assessment and your specific goals. Together, we will work to create a training plan that will work best for you, including all the tools you need to be successful. 



Help you become the fastest you can be

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Skilled & Customized

No two people are alike, nor should your training plans be the same. We will work together to do a full faceted evaluation of your swim, bike, run technique, as well as your strength and mobility to create the most beneficial plan for YOUR body and your goals.


Move Good, Feel Good

Finding the right mix of mobility and strengthening exercises can be overwhelming. Let me create the perfect plan for you based on what's best for YOUR body and get the most out of your time and energy.

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Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Sarabeth is awesome to work with! I was able to increase my speed and endurance in all 3 sports of triathlon (swim, bike, run) while balancing my busy work and life responsibilities and navigating through injuries. Swim pace on 70.3 swim decreased by 20% (48 min to 38 min)!!!

Eric C.


Richard A.

Sarabeth really helped me feel more comfortable in open water and improved my technique and speed

Ryan H.



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